How to Cultivate Your Aura

“Who you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think about that a lot. This points to a bigger idea that people, places, and situations can sense who we are and what we stand for just by being in our aura. All these little visual and energetic cues allows people (who are in tune with themselves) to get a “vibe” from us without hearing us say anything. I know it sounds woo-woo, but we all have the experience of meeting a person and being immediately off put by them without knowing exactly why. Or being very drawn to a person without a conscious reason. Whether we realize it or not, the world responds to us based on our energy. 

Our Knowledge, Skills, and Experiences Create our Aura

My wife and I always joke that we can tell when someone is rich. There is a certain quality that shines through. Even nasty rich people. They walk differently, smell differently. It’s rather uncanny. Also the expensive clothes give a clue too. 😉 Or think of a professional musician. You can sense power in someone who has attained a certain level of mastery. 

In my estimation, our aura is the result of our knowledge, skills, and experiences. When you take time to learn skills, study, and provide yourself with meaningful experiences, you cultivate an aura that others can sense. Even if you are having a bad day and your clothes are tattered, most self-aware people can see through those surface level things to your essential core. 

Imagine someone with little to no knowledge, skills, and experience. We probably know people like that. They are super uncomfortable to be around. We can sense that something is amiss. That doesn’t make them bad people but it limits them. Here’s why: 

People, places, and situations respond mainly to who we are not what we do. 

Bill Harris at Centerpointe Research Center would say:  “We have control over what people, places, and situations we attract”. We attract people, places, and things based on our energy. Of course time and chance happen to us all, but most of our life results come from what our energy has attracted. 

So how do we increase our energy or aura? Once again, I would say that we need to seek out knowledge, skills, and experiences. These three ways we can develop ourselves will build instant equity to our energetic vibe. Imagine someone who is a scholar of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. They are a concert pianist, and they have traveled the world. They have raised beautiful children and have a loving wife. They are kind, strong, and principled. Imagine the immense energy they would bring anywhere they go. How nice would it be to be around such a person? Whenever we take a chance to improve our energy, life responds. 

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