Enjoy the Process

When we want to achieve a specific goal, we can often lose sight of why we chase goals in the first place. Anyone who has ever achieved a goal knows that actually winning is surprisingly anti-climactic. And even if it is a big adrenaline filled last minute buzzer beater, the actual feeling of accomplishment is rather short lived. Once you achieve a goal you quickly begin to realize that the fulfilling part wasn’t necessarily achieving the goal but improving and becoming a better and more efficient person as a result. Understanding the processes in place helps you enjoy the process.

enjoy the process

Value all Growth

When we think of how to enjoy the process, it becomes clear that one of the main keys is seeing and recognizing growth. When I began weightlifting, I had a specific goal of being able to bench press 225 pounds. As I made progress toward that goal, I felt a sense of accomplishment with each step I got closer. When I actually did finally bench 225 pounds, I was rather underwhelmed. I was happy, but it was short lived.

Our brains and bodies are wired in such a way that progress is satisfying. When we complete a task or achieve a goal, our mind automatically reorients toward another goal because the fulfillment came from the process and not necessarily the result. So the next time you feel stuck or discouraged, be sure to measure and celebrate how far you’ve come and not how far you have left to go.

Who have you Become?

A common saying in the personal development real is “It’s not what you get, it’s who you become”. When we set out to achieve a goal, it seems as if we are primarily acting upon the outside world, when in reality, the bulk of our work is internal. When someone decides to become financially independent, they save money and build wealth. But they also build discipline, future-oriented thinking and other valuable skills in the process. When a self-made person begins building wealth, they become a wealthy person. Even if they were to lose all of their money and possessions in a fire, the skills they developed would help them get that money back and perhaps more.

Enjoy the process by understanding why we set goals, and remembering not to get lost in the pursuit. The small growth and development usually turn out to be the most rewarding parts of the journey. Thanks for reading!

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