DIY White Oak Plank Table

So with all of the extra time on my hands during quarantine, I decided it was a good time to take on a new project. My wife and I had purchased a cheap dining room table that left much to be desired. It was made of a cheap engineered wood and actually started to bow in the middle. We decided that a nice sturdy wooden table would be a good project and potential family heirloom. I have done small diy projects around the house, but this was by far the most challenging project to date.

Materials and Instructions

I based my work off of a Youtube video. This project did require some tool purchases, but I never mind those haha. I’ll keep this part relatively brief, but if you want any more details just let me know.

Tools and Materials:

All the needed tools (minus the block planer, circular saw, and oil)
  • Block Planer
  • Bar Clamps
  • Dowel Jig
  • Basic tools (hammer, hand clamps, power drill, circular saw, carpenter’s square, dowels, wood glue)
  • Six 2x6x8 (1.5×5.5) pieces of solid white oak (these are heavy and expensive, but I want this to be my forever table)
  • Tung oil and polyurethane

To start, I used the dowel jig to place dowel joinery every six to ten inches between planks.

I drilled the holes and filled with dowels and wood glue. Then I ran an extra bead of wood glue down the inside edges for extra support, clamped, and let dry overnight.

I then used the bar clamps to secure the dowels (and wood glue) overnight. After that I used the block plane to level the table.

An electric block planer would have been useful, but the hand planer worked just fine. Then I sanded the wood down to a smooth finish and cut the table to size. I applied some tung oil and a polyurethane coat to finish. I added some nice legs that I found on Easy, and viola!

The finished product!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you would like more details.

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